What’s the plan?

St. Tammany Parish Fire District No. 13 has assembled a set of strategic goals or objectives comprising a three year Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2020-2022. The purpose of the plan is to focus on specific key objectives that will foster organizational development, that will enhance the levels of service to the citizens of Fire District No. 13 and guide the personnel who deliver those services. The overall vision is to secure the future of fire and emergency services for our community resulting in the highest level of quality emergency services possible. In all instances, risk assessment of our community is at the forefront of the planning process. Risk determines need, density, and hazard type increase risk. Therefore those factors were a priority in our decision making. Our community will determine the amount of risk or level of service it will accept based on the funding it is willing to provide. Currently, funding is exclusively property tax. In this plan, you will find section objectives, actions intended to provide organized guidance to our ongoing and plans for improvement as an organization and lay the foundation for future goals to benefit the citizens we so proudly serve.